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Our Story

Welcome to a world where each culinary adventure is a work of art. The combination of artistry, design, and ambiance creates a unique and unforgettable experience. In this realm of gastronomic excellence, every detail is carefully crafted to ensure that each guest embarks on a journey of the senses.

Our Special Selection

A selection of our chef’s favorite cuts

Butcher’s Feat
Savory Egg Soufflé

Organic egg, kelp yooksoo

Grand Cru Galbi

Of exceptional quality & limited quantity

Korean “Bacon”

House-smoked crispy heritage pork belly

Scallion Salad

Mixed greens, gochujang vinaigrette

Meat, Meat & More Meat


American Black Angus

NY Strip

American Black Angus

Dry Aged NY Strip

Aged 45 days in our dry aging room

Dry Aged Ribeye

Aged 45 days in our dry aging room

Flavor fusion catering

Boucherie can bring natural elegance, beautiful decorations & exquisite taste to Weddings, Birthdays, and Special Occasions. Our philosophy is to offer our customers purity, quality & great pleasure. To view our catering menu, please click below! Custom orders are available!


Our Menu

The chef secrets

Elegantly harmonious and thoughtfully curated, James Kohela skillfully blends the flavors and culinary traditions of Italy and beyond to craft a unique gastronomic realm brimming with delightful surprises and artistic mastery.


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